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Our Values

Services and innovations provided by BMJ are the right solutions for our clients, so that they get the best, and it will respond to client's needs with the right innovation.

High Values Products

BMJ’s offers the optimum means to fully express all aspects of today’s specialty paper and packaging solutions.


To guarantee this, we work to provide the best possible paper products and services to satisfy not only our business partners customers’ needs but also their consumer’s needs.

So we look far ahead; all the way to the needs of the end user. Every single product we produce comes with quality.

High Values Product

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing ideas will bring out fresh ideas that later transform into knowledge. BMJ commits to share knowledge of best practices to the industry.


Made to Order Specification

We understand our customers’ needs to differentiate their products from the other in order to stand out in the market. Through close cooperation with our customers, BMJ has not only created a high-quality packaging paper but also an identity that represents our customer’s brand persona.


Technical Support Competency

Our technical support team grants a full after-sale support, such as: collaborating with customer for continues process improvements and solving for any unexpected problems.


System Integration

To provide satisfying service, BMJ presents integrated system to avoid errors, because customer satisfaction defines their trust.


Strategic Innovation

When our customers are searching for innovative products and solutions to fuel their ambition to grow, BMJ wants to always be their top-of-mind partner. Our spirit is to attentively listen to what our customers need and collaborate with them to provide customized solutions.

To constantly adapt to changes in innovations, BMJ is partnering with top Institutes and Universities across the globe in developing and in accelerating its new products’ development. Our commitment is to transform challenges into opportunities to enhance our customers’ advantages in evolving markets.

Service and Innovation


We surpass the industry’s standards by giving the best service, high productivity, and excellent quality while being able to answer the global challenge.

Eco Friendly Paper Production

BMJ is well known for its Eco Friendly Paper Mill 3, which greatly reduced the paper production cost with much less impact on the environment.

While reducing more energy and water usage, the paper preserves its international quality standard with groundbreaking operational quality and performance efficiency.

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State of The Art

​To create excellent works of art with the best quality and perfect outcome, BMJ provides a rotogravure machine with 11 printing units, a rotary die cutter with a sheeter in by-pass mode, and debossing application that offer customer a flexible service and give advance solutions to meet the needs of a high-end market in constant evolution.

While our rotogravure machines with 12 printing units with inline rotary die cutter serves customers with high volume productions in high printing quality.

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A Distinctive Identity

We understand our customers’ needs to bring their brands to the top of people’s mind.


Through our embossed cigarette paper, we give a distinct identity to our customers’ products while protecting them from product counterfeiting.​

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The Art of Precision

Manufacturing cigarette paper is such a critical process that requires detail and attention. Therefore, BMJ does not tolerate mistakes in the production outcome.


Our cutting-edge technology allows us to reach a high state of precision which is rendered in the consistency of product and performance.

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Essence of Quality

Ensuring perfect and flawless products with consistency is essential to BMJ’s quality control process. Our well trained and experienced staffs operate controlled production process on the machines specifically set to match detailed requirements.

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The Latest System for Perfection

Creating specialty products demand perfection on any side. Therefore, BMJ provides 3rd Generation Defects Tracking & Prevention quality control system that marks paper at the converting machines, so that the mapping of defects can be overlaid on the physical paper in real-time.


With precise trace-ability to bobbins level and reams level, this will become more effective at preventing products defects.​

Higher Standard

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