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Candra Permana

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Breakthrough in Everyday Adversity

Meet Candra Permana. The Performance Management Specialist who is open to all possibilities in order to reach perfect excellence.

Candra Permana

Candra Permana trusted the beginning of his career to BMJ back in 2011. As an industrial engineering graduate, he saw BMJ as the perfect home to accommodate his talent and skill. He joined the Business Operation Excellence (BOE) team for five years. He rejoined working full-time for the company again in 2019 in the same sectionbut in a different function.

“Building greater excellence starts from here.”

Pursuing Excellence by Steps

BOE was still a newborn section when I first joined. The main function of BOE is to promote continuous improvement culture, we start with revamp the 5R implementation in BMJ since 5R is the basic foundation for CI culture. 5R allow people to organize their work place so easy for them to identified the problem & do the “eureka moment” to improve their work place & process.

In 2018, Performance Management was added in BOE as a new function.

I came back in 2019 to assist the alignment process in the Performance Management. While Continuous Improvement function concentrates primarily in the operation, Performance management is not a new thing in BMJ. Before this is in respective division and none see whether this align with the corporate strategy. We have a lot data but to present this data to be valuable information is a different story. How the data collected, analyze and what the data want to tell, so we can take an appropriate action for improvement.

Human Interaction

The Cycle of Alignment

Currently we involve in project call MyEpics which will help us to organize the KPIs data one platform so it will help us to organize and most important things is to monitoring the performance to keep in track. And also to ensure the alignment between the organization’s strategies, unit performance and individual performance.

Later the result is summarized to be presented in the Monthly Operation Review. During this meeting, I play a vital role to present the data for everyone in the room, including the upper management. I have to make sure every source and flow of data is concisely and delivered understandably.

Within the limited time, the meeting is expected to develop and finalize insightful strategies for future action based on the summary. I would say that the period of collecting data is one of the hardest tasks I have to face, as we have to race against the time to come up with the most updated and important information, but the hard work always pays off in the end.

Elevating the Team

“We always maintain a positive relationship at BOE.”

Having to share the same secluded space with the Compliance team, does not make my team grow tense between one another. It’s the other way around. We lift our spirit through small things during work hours as they can seem so huge as long as we do them together. Our activities vary from making jokes during leisure, eating lunch together, shopping for pantry supplies or planning birthday surprises. As most of the team members are already married, we always try to make time meeting outside of work such as camping.

I am delighted to be a part of the BMJ family. During my tenure, I was given countless opportunities to grow my potential as a person. BMJ’s positive culture and innovative environment create the perfect work-life balance for me.

Limitless Learning

I find challenges on a day-to-day basis at work as something that is ordinary. Something that is given. As a person, I would define myself as someone that can be easily bored. I have always wanted to challenge myself and create contributions whenever and wherever I can. BMJ has always challenged me. For instance, I refused to be assigned in the same position when I rejoined last year because I wanted to challenge myself to start anew yet BMJ welcomed me. Another one would be my few first presentations during monthly meetings where I stumbled across mistakes in presenting the data, but that is fine. I see it as one of the many steps of my learning process that BMJ has given to me. Daily challenges at BMJ motivates me to wake up and start my day.

I learned a lot from working at BMJ. As I learned how to maintain the 5R in BOE, I have learned that I have to start to implement it from myself with hope of adding more value for me as an individual. If I could make changes starting from myself, I believed that people around me would start to come together to create great lengths of breakthroughs for the company. Small impacts can make massive changes.

“The opportunity to learn is endless through day-to-day challenges.”

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