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Cecep Rosdiyana

Adaptability Without Boundaries

Cecep Rosdiyana started from being a curious young man who came from Bandung with mere knowledge of the paper industry to supervisor of one of the most crucial assets in the company. Take a look of his insightful story of how convenience and teamwork help him to aim further.

Cecep Rosdiyana

It was the hottest time of the day when the four of them were sitting on the bus on their way to BMJ headquarter. Covered in sweat, they were already half an hour late for their 8 a.m. appointment with the recruitment team from the Human Resource. Originally coming from Bandung, Cecep knew nothing about the paper industry. All he knew was a certain great opportunity currently waiting at the end of this journey. Cecep and his friends were set to take the leap of faith. It has been 15 years since he first stepped into the company. Right now, Cecep is actively working as the Section Head of Paper Mill 3.

“Every journey begins alike, but ends unlike.”

Experience to inspires

As the Paper Mill 3 Section Head, I am responsible for maintaining the production process ideal and tackle all the problems that may occur during the process. All details entailed gets reported to and from me. With big power comes big responsibility. The story of how I come to where I am now and be able to supervise one of the company’s biggest asset is not a mere walk in the park. I recall when I was involved in the construction of Paper Mill 3 as the person in charge. I was obliged to make sure things run smoothly from start to finish. At that time, Paper Mill 3 might be BMJ’s most ambitious project yet.

The weight of everyone’s concern became my concern, even the minor ones. I had to jump through the hoops to make everything work. I had to be on edge to disarm any arguments and obstacles during the process. Accordingly, the importance of teamwork and communication is critical to generate solutions. On top of creating an effective harmony within the team, my personal experience from previous work in Paper Mill 1 and 2 proved to come in handy every time I was in a pinch. I have learned my lesson to strategically work on time management, hence the final result of the project was beyond satisfying. The start-up of the Paper Mill 3 took only 16 hours which is way faster compared to older mills that took a week and a month.

“I proudly work at the heart of BMJ.”

Paper Mill Monitoring

A professional lot

Of course, such a delicate and detail-oriented function is no one-man job. I am in charge of a brilliant team of 53 personnel. Although we are technically working eight hours a day, this line of work enforces us to be constantly ready 24 hours a day, day in and day out. Our production team operates by the system where they are divided into four teams to work in a shift based on the clock. We keep everything updated since being in production means we have to be prepared for problems that come in different shapes. Thankfully, we have a highly functioning team along with the latest technologies to help us get the work done. Our machine is equipped with a sophisticated system that can diagnose and alert different kinds of problems in the early stage which able to prepare us in calculating the required action to avoid any further complications

It is a big team, and we are not all the same. Each of us has different abilities and experiences. As a person who admires inclusivity, I constantly seek to embrace every similarity and difference to achieve strategic results. I, too, believe that working ambiance holds equal importance with the people. Convenience has always been the key and my top priority when I am directing my team. Therefore, I try to maintain a distinct division between working and leisure time to acquire effectiveness and professionalism. I could be serious when I am working, and I could be fun when it’s break time. I just adore my work too much and the people I am working with.

Our true colors

“Every up and down is a valuable lesson.”

In all honesty, I don’t think the benefits I have gotten from BMJ during my employment can be measured in number. If I could count them all, it would be limitless. I remember when I still had to commute between Bandung and Karawang. There were many instances when I had to go back to the office after just spending 15 minutes at my house in Bandung. Without saying, of course, I was mad. Then, it hit me when my supervisor admitted that those were deliberate lessons given to me to prove my dedication and to prepare me to get ready for the future. Always follow the steps, and never forget to follow your heart.

Based on my observation, I can see how BMJ is ready to invest in people with loyalty and groundbreaking ideas. The company is willing to take extra efforts to cater to its employee’s needs. Might that be hobbies, interests, or training, BMJ embraces all and is always ready to facilitate. I can always sense their appreciation to the employees as not only the backbone of the company but as a part of one big family. I have heard this many times from my seniors, “BMJ is not the place for people who look for silver, but it is a place to learn and grow.” We always have to establish the right orientation to achieve success.

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