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Empowering Woman Employees Through Equality

Nowadays, many women have the opportunity to work, one of which is in the manufacturing industry. For example, the United States has 830,000 women employees in the manufacturing industry. Through these employment opportunities, the economic and financial gap between men and women is smaller than in previous decades.

This equal opportunity is created by public awareness of gender equality. In Indonesia, gender equality is not a new discussion. The issue of gender equality has even been initiated by R.A. Kartini (a female emancipation figure in Indonesia) through the letters she sent to her friends in the Netherlands, one of them is Rosa Abendanon. She is concerned about women’s fate in Indonesia in the past. She hopes to empower women to have the same opportunities and positions as men.

Empowering women employees in the manufacturing industry is critical to achieving gender equality and promoting sustainable economic growth. Although women's empowerment has been echoed by R.A. Kartini, many women employees are still treated unequally to male employees. Our Purchasing Manager at BMJ, Fanny Wibowo, gives her insight into difficulties that are often experienced when working in a predominantly male field:

“Gender equality has long been an issue that places women as the weaker sex, inferior to men due to significant physical differences. However, this will not be the case if we as women do not adopt that view by pursuing higher education, engaging in various industries, socializing, and having a wide range of knowledge. For me, being an independent and resilient woman is crucial.”

Empowering women in the manufacturing industry is key to unlocking its full potential. By implementing gender-sensitive policies and providing equal opportunities in recruitment, training, and promotion programs, women can bring valuable contributions to the company. As Fanny stated,

“Promoting gender equality in the workplace leads to a more diverse and inclusive environment that fosters better performance, innovation, and job satisfaction. Women bring unique skills and perspectives that can drive progress and solve complex problems. By promoting gender equality, we can ensure that everyone has an equal chance to succeed and contribute to the industry's growth and development.”

Empowering Women at BMJ

As the manufacturing industry, we at BMJ provide opportunities for our women employees to work, grow, and contribute through empowering women. We believe our differences bring us closer together and create an inclusive work environment. Our Purchasing Manager, Fanny Wibowo, shares her experience as a woman employee at BMJ:

“BMJ supports gender equality by recruiting employees based on the soft and hard skills required without questioning gender issues, providing equal job opportunities, and avoiding job vacancies that prioritize men or women. This includes having women in leadership positions and inclusive decision-making. It is undeniable that the manufacturing industry is predominantly male due to the required skills, but that should not be a barrier for women to be a part of it.”

Women's empowerment is a fundamental human right that goes beyond mere access to education or employment. As Fanny pointed out,

“We must take R.A. Kartini's spirit as fuel to continue fighting for equality. She has inspired women through her idea that women have the right to be equal to men, and have the opportunity to lead.”

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