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How We Ensuring Quality Products Delivered

Imagine you're shopping for shoes on an e-commerce site. Then, you find two of the same shoes at different prices. A store sells shoes at a fraction of the market price, while B store offers the same shoes with a higher price. If you look at the photos, the two shoes are very similar. Then, you decide to buy shoes from A Store, considering the lower price. However, when the shoes are delivered to your door, the shoes weren’t what you expected them to be. It didn’t feel right to put on because of the asymmetrical footrest and the soles are sloppy. As a result, you feel disadvantaged.

When viewed from the parable above, the quality of a product is crucial. Product quality is the spearhead of a company to represent its sincerity in providing the best to consumers. Quality products will provide satisfaction to consumers. They will think to repurchase and buy some more. It can be said that the higher the quality a company can deliver, the longer the company can maintain its business in the industry.

At BMJ, we make sure every product we produce is high quality. In our quality control process, we do checking and testing, measure, and ensure the quality is up to our best standard. Not only deliver the best product, but we also become a partner to protect our customers by fighting counterfeit products. As we know, counterfeit product sellers do not pay taxes so they can sell at a lower price from the market. What they have done is illegal and of course, reduces trust in a brand. It is harming the company and the country.

BMJ Senior Manager, Eko Setiawan has a statement about how BMJ is against counterfeit products:

“We treat our consumers as a part of us. As their partner, we must reduce the risks that might harm their brands. To reduce the cost, the illicit product packaging distributed to the market might come from the byproduct of manufacture that is not disposed of properly. Thus, this act of properly disposing of byproducts not only helps our partners to keep their brands' identities protected but also supports the whole industry in creating a healthier market ecosystem.

There is more than 10% of the counterfeit market in Indonesia. If we don't crack down on it, the market for counterfeit products will flourish and harm country's economy. BMJ ensures that any product that does not meet our best standard is crushed using the hunkeler system, a machine that is very efficient in destroying our not-the-best products. We documented each batch as proof that every counterfeit product circulating in the market is certainly not from us.”

Despite various threats lurking for customers, selling counterfeit products globally has a fantastic value of billion of dollars ( In 2016, the counterfeit products market globally amounted to as much as $509 billion. Counterfeit products are in high demand despite causing a lot of harm because they are cheaper than the original ones. Therefore, the economic turnover in the counterfeit product market is very high.

After crushing our not-the-best product with the hunkeler system, what does BMJ do? Eko Setiawan explains,

“After crushing our not-the-best product, we can sell the waste. However, before crushing, we will weigh everything we put into the hunkeler system, and everything that comes out of it, and it has to be balanced. We always ensure there won’t be anything produced by BMJ that is not up to our high standards. ”

Moreover, to maintain our integrity to our partners, we at BMJ have a method that new partners must follow. Here is the explanation from Eko Setiawan:

“To avoid the use of counterfeit products, we ask our new partners, both local and international, to fill out a statement that they use BMJ products by applicable regulations. We record every statement document filled out by our new partners, consistently.”

In addition, we also thought of several ways to stop counterfeiting products. Our Senior Manager, Eko Setiawan gives his statement:

“In preventing counterfeit products, it is necessary to add security features, such as aluminum foil, cigarette paper, or holograms, on the packaging. However, it is important that our effort as a business sector is also supported by the government. The government must be stricter in applying the law regarding counterfeit products by stopping the circulation of counterfeit products and taking firm action against sellers of counterfeit products.”

We not only aim to prevent counterfeit products but also to increase the value of our business and products. We at BMJ always ask our partners what they think is essential. This can be an evaluation to improve the quality of our products. We believe that we can move forward together with you, our partners.

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