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Low Ignition Propensity Paper Technology, Safeguards the Nature

Fire prevention is a crucial aspect of public safety. One of the leading causes of fires is improperly disposing of cigarette butts that come into contact with flammable objects. At BMJ, we recognize the importance of preventing such incidents and proactively address this issue through the utilization of low ignition propensity (LIP) technology for our cigarette paper.

LIP paper enhances fire safety by ensuring a lit cigarette will extinguish itself if left unattended. We crafted a formula where flame retardants will actively prevent unintended burns without sacrificing the experience of burning paper. The LIP paper is incorporated into the cigarette paper as a band, resulting in a cigarette with reduced permeability. This is what enables the self-extinguish to happen in our LIP cigarette paper.

Moreover, another Low Ignition Propensity (LIP) 's benefits namely avoid any undesirable flavors before or after smoking and maintaining a consistent taste throughout the smoking experience. This contributes to an enhanced smoking encounter.

The implementation of low ignition propensity (LIP) technology in our cigarette paper is a testament to our dedication supports our clients' environmental sustainability efforts through fire prevention while providing peace of mind for consumers and the general public. By adopting LIP paper, we strive to create a safer and more responsible smoking experience.

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