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Our New Headquarter: Green Oasis

New Milestone

Another list has been checked in our milestone. We proudly announce that our new headquarter is finished. The previous headquarter is more than just our identities; it was our beginning; all the greatest ideas actualized from a piece of paper happened; it was where all of our eureka moments have nested. The presence of the new headquarters office represents a significant mark in our stories. It opened a new leaf of paper in our latest chapter to come.

The new headquarter is located on the right-wing of BMJ complex. The positioning of the building is thoughtfully planned to complement its function as an extension that completes the BMJ's complex, optimizing the footprint of BMJ's operation. A separated structure is created to become the complex's hub; it hosts all the latest security facilities and comfortable powder rooms to accommodate every individual visit.


The headquarter is undertaking our commitment to promoting sustainability by having "Green Oasis" as the building theme. Being in a tropical country with a high temperature and high humidity climate, reducing energy usage from climate regulator devices is becoming the main challenge to achieving environmental impact. As the name of the office suggests, the Green Oasis tackles the challenge of creating a comfortable climate with few climate regulator devices by utilizing extensive greenery and a pool all around the office.

With the utilitarian; mindset, effectiveness and efficiency are highly considered when designing the headquarter. The industrial design is implemented as it supports the aforementioned intention. The implementation can be seen from the details of the design, such as roster walls to promote more airflow, document storage for activity area dividers, and exposed ceiling for ease of maintenance.

Showing off BMJ's innovation prowess and intention to scale up sustainability effort. BMJ uses computerization for it weaving design that surrounds the building's front façade and roof. This architectural signature is meticulously designed and handmade by rattan master weavers to reduce solar heat gain by becoming shields for Indonesia's 12 hours of sunlight. While at daylight, it provides shadow in the interior, at nighttime, the weaves provide architectural optic shade that a behold to see.

The Space

BMJ believes in the value of collaboration. The interweaving thoughts under the banner of "we are one" is what brought BMJ here today. The interaction in the office is the company's soul, so the talks of open working space have come naturally to BMJ as a necessity. Supporting the value, BMJ's workspace is designed with minimum partition, and all of its activity places are interconnected with one and another.

Eureka Manifesto

Our headquarters stands tall despite being developed during the pandemic; our headquarter becomes a reminder for our resiliency and spirit to continuously moving forward. We believe our new headquarter symbolize every "Eureka" moments we had in the past and will become inspirations for our eureka moments in the future.

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