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Ryan Anzrianur

A Decade of Drive and Tenacity

With each step he makes, he sees a chance to learn and apply his own style of work while creating better improvements than ever. Ryan Anzrianur's uniqueness and tenacity are the secret ingredients to his achievements.

Ryan Azrianur

2021 would be Ryan Anzrianur’s eleventh year working at BMJ. Ryan had been working in three different companies before BMJ, but he had never imagined nor had the experience to work in the human resource field as a management graduate in 2010. Due to a vacancy that one of the previous personnel had left during the project training, Ryan receives an offer to join to help curate the HR’s new production management system.​

The years following, Ryan moved between departments quite a lot. After human resources, Ryan transferred to the purchasing department in 2011 before finally moving to the procurement department in 2013. All of the transitions went smoothly with no significant difficulties every time. In the most BMJ manner, they provided all the necessary instruments to help him adapt.

Through plenty of help and training, now, he is finally working as a strategic sourcing analyst in the procurement department.

A Dynamic Skill Set

As an analyst, I source and analyze the supply chain report, track costs, and collaborate directly with the supplier. In other words, to support the material preparation for the end products. Together with procurement as a team, we translate the need for production internally and externally while ensuring the supply arrives on time and meeting up to the standard. We also handle complaints from various clients and vendors. Procurement contributes significantly to the big company’s annual target to be increasingly competitive compared to the previous year.

There are a total of six people working in procurement, consisting of five amazing ladies and myself. I have to say that it is a unique working dynamic when you are the only male in the pack. It is quite challenging for me to face various emotions that arise from personal relationships within the department, which at times might get in the way of work. I prefer to create my style of work by keeping our relationship as professional as possible. Nevertheless, I have endless respect and appreciation for them as co-workers.

In procurement, we need to abide by a set of skills to get things rolling effectively. First, we have to be able to translate our customer’s needs regarding the production materials. For instance, we need to have insights into our user’s types of materials requirements and the supplier’s specifications. Secondly, we need an excellent analysis skill in recognizing the market price, particularly in making sure whether the price is reasonable for business. Finally and most importantly, we have to be proactive. A lot of our work takes place outside of the office. As we work directly with people from various business lines, we need a strong control presence over the whole process.

Barcode Scanning

Driving Forward Through Uncertainty

Pandemic has been challenging, especially in the industry where things have to be monitored directly in real-time. It is a work riddled with uncertainty. Previously, we used to have meetings to check and actualize data with the vendors. However, as the health protocols take place, most of them are currently restricted from entering the company premises. To keep everything works seamlessly and on track, we have to consider another communication mode. So far, digital portals have been a delight savior during remote working together with their challenges.

“Despite the pandemic, we are still kicking.”

Challenges are always exciting. However, after a decade in BMJ, my biggest challenge is just coming right around the corner. This year, I am assigned to develop a framework for a new strategy sourcing section. For sure, I already have enough on my plate despite the pandemic, but I have to be particularly thorough with the restrictions and the cost issues to meet the higher-ups’ target. Nonetheless, I think it would be a good opportunity for me to prove and improve my skills as a personal investment for many years to come.

A Culture of Us

Three things convinced me to dedicate myself to BMJ. First, my family. Second is the company’s location, and lastly, my friends. My work life has always revolved around my personal life, and finding ways to make them work out with one another has always been my priority. In all honesty, I have to give credit to the company’s location for allowing me to be closer to my family. My home and family are the foundation for my success and happiness. Adding to that, each friend and memories I have made in the company throughout the years are very precious and special. Every connection that I made are so meaningful to the extent that I may not have lasted this long without them. After spending more than a decade in BMJ, I can proudly call this place my second home and family.

I am proud. I am happy. No matter where I go, I always take pride in having the opportunity to dedicate my passion and skill to BMJ, being one of the industry’s biggest companies. BMJ offers the opportunity for its employees to showcase their talent and get creative. We are allowed to improvise to do something different where our skill and vision can be augmented thoroughly from top to beneath. BMJ also provides the tools we need to make things more convenient. They may come in the form of soft skill training, equipment with the latest technology, or maybe a simple cup of coffee.

“In BMJ, those who bring a mindset shift to the table are the best kind of people.”

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