Here Are Our Stories

It is all started with a blank sheet of paper ... We want to craft a piece of art, one that not only looks good but brings pleasure ... EUREKA!

Cecep Rosdiyana

Cecep Rosdiyana started from being a curious young man who came from Bandung with mere knowledge of the paper industry to supervisor of one of the most crucial assets in the company. Take a look of his insightful story of how convenience and teamwork help him to aim further.

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Debby Ananda

Giving up to the given mold may be the way, but not the best way to be.⁣ ⁣ Debby Ananda is one of the many who are able to find the solution by breaking the pattern.⁣

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Tomas Arvian

Say hello to our PPIC Rotogravure, Tomas! ⁣ ⁣ A tenacious individual who harbours modesty and discipline in everything he does, and constantly seeking the best in the worst as lessons for future growth.⁣

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Raden Riski Hermansyah

Meet Raden Riski Hermansyah. A go-getter who always challenges himself and finds the silver lining to any given situation. ⁣

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Sujana Duni Hendarwan

Meet Sujana Duni Hendarwan.⁣ ⁣ The person responsible for BMJ paper quality that seeks a room for improvement in every step.⁣

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Candra Permana

Meet Candra Permana ⁣ The Performance Management Specialist who is open to all possibilities in order to reach perfect excellence.

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