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BMJ Foil

Aluminium Foil Laminated Paper
Product Offerings

BMJ Foil is aluminium foil laminated paper available in 24 - 60 gsm.


BMJ Foil is made by BMJ on wet lamination machine. It is made of high quality base paper (OBA free) and aluminum foil. All materials are within FDA guidelines.

End-User Benefits

BMJ Foil enables high speed and trouble-free processes to achieve high efficiency and productivity in your packing lines.

  • De-lamination free
  • Good cutting edge quality
  • Glue spot free
  • Available in various shades
  • Menthol resistant
  • Easily embossed
  • Low coefficient of friction
Key Parameters Unit Standard Measurement Method
Basis weight base paper g/m2 24-60 TAPPI 410 om-88
Aluminium foil thichness µ 6-12 TAPPI 411 om-89
Coating options Nitrocellulose, vinyl
Color availability · Up to 2 colors
· Bright or Matt
· Silver, Gold or
       requested colors