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Tipping Base Paper
Product Offerings

BMJ Tip is tipping base paper specially designed for high speed printing machine, offering features to meet international quality standards, available in various color according to customer’s requirements, white, yellow as well as sweetened.


BMJ Tip is high quality tipping base paper to ensure the best runnability, printability and consistency in colors and all of its properties.

End-User Benefits

BMJ Tip enables to run on high speed printing machine trouble free so that the highest productivity and efficiency level can be attained and maintained.

  • PEFC pulp compliances
  • Controlled glue receptivity
  • Good printability
  • Good paper formation
  • Good color consistency
  • Good cutting edge quality (Wobble free)
  • High tensile strength
  • Non flammable
  • OBA free (Optical Brightener Additive)
Key Parameters Unit Standard Measurement Method
Furnish Physical
Basis Weight g/m2 25 – 40 TAPPI 410 om-88
Tensile breaking Strength MD N/15mm 25.0 TAPPI 404 om-87
Stretch at break MD % 1.0 TAPPI 404 om-87
Smoothness Bekk-Anti Wire Side second Up to 1000 TAPPI T-479
Smoothness Bekk-Wire Side second Up to 1000 TAPPI T-479
Opacity % 82 TAPPI 425 om-91
Brightness-Wire Side % 90 TAPPI 452 om-92
Combustibility mm 1 - 5 FI
Contact Angle of abs-Wire Side degree (°), @ 0.1 sec 70.0 TAPPI T-558
Color Shades White, Yellow ASTM 1925