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Sustainability Report: Our Collective Reflection on the Sustainability Journey

BMJ's commitment to sustainability is tangible through our measurable and targeted sustainability efforts, as reflected in our sustainability report. This document serves as a roadmap for our sustainable practices and is a testament to our dedication to responsible business operations. I Putu Kertayasa, our Head of Compliance Department, has a view about BMJ's Sustainability Report.

"This sustainability report is also a vital reference for our current and future sustainability endeavors."

In the creation of BMJ's sustainability report, we leverage a collaborative approach, engaging both internal teams and external partners to define our sustainability goals and establish the necessary strategies for our achievement.

“We also assess and pinpoint challenges in our sustainability endeavors to maintain a sharper focus. Feedback from the community and stakeholders guides our ongoing efforts for continual improvement,” Putu added.

Putu also explains that one of our strategies is grounded in a continuous assessment of field conditions and areas that require improvement.

“Our sustainability report always reflects real-world issues and areas for improvement, such as reducing air pollution from carbon emissions. Hence, we employ green technology to lower our carbon footprint.”

We also encourage and support related parties such as partners, vendors, and stakeholders to implement sustainability. This is because we believe sustainability is easier to achieve when we make a collective effort.

Our ultimate goal in these sustainability endeavors is to foster a business culture that not only benefits our organization but also contributes positively to the environment, working towards a more prosperous future. In summary, our commitment to sustainability encapsulates a comprehensive approach to responsible business practices, ensuring both the well-being of the community and our environment.

“Though our efforts may be small now, we expect a significant impact in the future. This is just the beginning,” Putu concluded.

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