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BMJ Plug

Plug Wrap Paper

Products Offering

BMJ Plug is non-porous plugwrap designed for high-speed filter rod machine maker, offering features that meet international quality standards, available in basis weight of 20 gsm up to 40 gsm and cut to size in bobbins.


BMJ Plug is made of the best pulps and food-grade chemicals, containing no optical brightener to ensure it has good formation, high consistency in properties and safe for food contact.


  • PEFC pulp compliances

  • High tensile strength for the best runnability

  • Good cutting edge quality (Wobble free)

  • High-quality raw materials

  • OBA free (Optical Brightener Additive)

  • Controlled glue receptivity

  • Dust free

End-User Benefits

BMJ Plug enables you to run hi-speed filter making machine. High tensile strength, wobble free bobbin as well as glue receptivity are critical to achieve high productivity and efficiency in your filter production.

Plug Wrap Paper Specification Sheet
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