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BMJ PrinTip

Printed Tipping Paper

Products Offering

BMJ PrinTip is tipping paper specially designed for high speed cigarette machine maker offering features to meet international quality standards, available in various printing design and color according to customer’s requirements.


BMJ PrinTip is made on BMJ’s high quality tipping base paper and printed on 10 colors state of the art rotogravure machine to ensure the best runnability, color consistency and best properties.


  • Good color consistency

  • Non-flammable

  • High tensile strength

  • Up to 10 colors

  • Controlled glue receptivity

  • Available for hot stamping foil features

  • Good cutting edge quality

End-User Benefits

BMJ PrinTip enables to run on high speed cigarette machine trouble free so that the highest productivity and efficiency level can be attained and maintained. It can also offer security features against counterfeiting.

Printed Tipping Paper Specification Sheet
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