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Maintaining Our Workers’ Mental Health Through Company Facilities

As a manufacturing industry, we employ a large number of workers in our company and it is a challenge for us. We are responsible to manage them wisely and treat fairly. The more workers there are, the more friction there will likely to happen is likely to be between workers and between workers and management. There are many aspects that we must pay attention to so that our workers are comfortable at work, one of which is paying attention to the mental health of them.

Mental health is no less important than physical health. A person with superior mental health will give a positive impact on the employer. It will be easier to work with them because they have stable emotions, clear thoughts, and can maintain good relationships with others. Unfortunately, many workers in the manufacturing industry have their mental health compromised due to heavy workloads.

WHO mentions through its data that unproductive workers make a loss worth $ 1 Trillion. Two of the most significant stressors in the manufacturing industry are production goals and variable shift schedules ( Moreover, the noise of machines, limited space for expression, low appreciation, and less social interaction can make the workers have mental illnesses.

Jasmine Patel suggests several signs of workers experiencing mental disorders, including:

1. Employee's mood often changes quickly

2. Low work productivity and motivation

3. Unstable emotions

4. Avoiding social interaction

5. Often skipping work


Comfortable Workplace for Our Mental Health’s Worker

To maintain our workers' mental health, BMJ has ensured that the workplace is comfortable for all workers. A comfortable workplace resulting positive vibes that lead the workers to perform to their best abilities and improve their productivity. For example, our building is exposed to sufficient sunlight that can increase our mood. A clean and safe workplace can make us more focused on work. Also, we provide health insurance, both physically and mentally as a standard.

A worker at BMJ gives a testimonial about our comfortable and environmentally friendly workspace:

"At BMJ, I feel comfortable working here because they have a good amount of greenery and natural lights that make the office space feel more humane and approachable. The office does not need excessive light because our workspace is exposed to sufficient sunlight and not using freezer-cold air conditioning, which I usually find in many offices. Plus point about BMJ is its environmentally friendly lighting system, which is in line with BMJ's campaign on supporting ESG. Moreover, I feel comfortable working at BMJ because every room does not separated by door. Every department felt connected. It feels more seamless and less intimidating. The new design helps make us feel 'we are one.' We can communicate directly and easily without partition, making us a solid team and it is easy to get to know each other better. Of course, all of this will impact our mental health to be healthier."

Through ISO 45001:2018, we guarantee our workers’ health and safety at work. Likewise, the mental health of our workers is not spared by us. In addition to providing space to express opinions, we provide our workers with many facilities so they can feel comfortable while in the workplace. Without neglecting our workers’ mental health, we ensure every worker can develop and boost their performance according to their potential and work in the most comfortable workplace environment.

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