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Our Special Marking on Cigarette Paper

Special markings in the cigarette industry are an essential strategy used to identify legitimate products, combat illegal trade, and protect the interests of cigarette brands. These special markings typically include labels, signs, or unique and difficult-to-counterfeit codes. Their purpose is to assure consumers that the products they purchase are genuine and meet established quality standards.

Implementing special markings in the cigarette industry has become an integral part of efforts to eradicate the circulation of illegal cigarettes. These special markings include holograms, microcodes, or other distinctive signs integrated into cigarette packaging. They can consist of security inks, such as ink that cannot be removed, or microscopic-based signs that can only be seen with special tools. These inks possess properties that are difficult to reproduce, such as containing special pigments or additives that make them easily recognizable. In some cases, these inks can also change color or produce special effects when exposed to ultraviolet or infrared light.

At BMJ, we know special cigarette paper markings are vital for safety and brand identity. Cigarette manufacturers use them to protect against counterfeits, but they also add uniqueness and represent the brand's identity. These markings demonstrate a commitment to quality and authenticity, ensuring consumer safety while establishing a strong and recognizable brand presence.

We take pride in the high-quality special markings we provide on cigarette paper. These special markings not only enhance brand security but also contribute to improving the overall quality of our client's products. By using advanced technology, we help maintain the authenticity of our client's brands. We understand that special marking is not solely about brand security but also a means of expressing our clients' unique identity. Our special markings allow clients to safeguard their brand while setting them apart from the competition, while also safeguarding the entire cigarette industry.

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