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Prevent Machinery Overheating: Ensure Fire-Free Operation

Machinery plays a crucial role in factories, aiding production and improving efficiency. However, there is a real concern about factory fires caused by overheating machinery. These incidents are frequently reported in the news and can lead to severe consequences for the affected establishments, potential harm to the employees and disruption to the operations.

BMJ recognizes the importance of fire prevention, prioritizing the employees’ safety, and preserving the plant is paramount. We take proactive measures to prevent fires by employing automation in every possible machinery. Automation helps improve production efficiency and safeguard from incidents that might happen in case of human errors.

We are not taking safety measures lightly. We regularly employ skilled technicians to detect early warning signs of incidents such as machinery overheating and prevent potential emergencies through Safety Patrol. They have the knowledge and expertise to promptly identify potential hazards and take preventive measures. Daily checklists for hydrant, fire alarm, and fire extinguisher checking are compulsory to prevent a bigger compensation for the mishap.

In the event of an untoward event, such as the appearance of smoke or the appearance of fire from the engine, our HSE team will carry out a Fire Suppression System. This is done by releasing CO2 or fire extinguishing gas to prevent fire.

Complimenting our employees' equipment to report unwanted conditions or work accidents. Safety alerts are also spread in several places to remind the implementation of safety during work. By promoting a culture of awareness and vigilance, we foster a collaborative environment where all employees are encouraged to report any issues or anomalies they observe.

By adopting these preventive measures, we forge a resilient barrier against the ravages of fire, securing the uninterrupted continuity of our operations. BMJ commits to creating a safe workplace where productivity thrives, and the threat of fire recedes insignificance.

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